Angling is a method of fishing by means of an "angle" (fish hook). The hook is usually attached to afishing line and the line is often attached to a fishingrod.
To human bodies and minds pummeled by a demanding life, the mention of Ayurveda opens an image of healing massages and potions that carry with them the remedial alchemy of leaf , root and earth.
With a long history of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation, Uttarakhand has become an ideal destination to learn, practice and master these ways of life
Mountain biking is all about speed, control and thrill and is one of the latest ways of exploring and discovering new vistas of the Himalayan landscape. The rugged terrain and steep slopes, though risky at times, provide great mountain biking experience in Uttarakhand.
Bird watching
Many other rare birds like the paradise flycatcher, oriole, scarlet minivet, sunbird, crimson sunbird, leafbird, plum-headed and rose-ringed parakeet, oriental magpie robin, emerald dove, green pigeon, spot-billed duck
Camping is possibly the finest way to enjoy the serenity of nature with the company of your friends and family. It is the best mode to spend time in the lap of nature and forget the mundane affairs of an otherwise hectic life.
Canoeing is a sport or recreational activity which involves paddling a canoe with a single-bladed paddle. In some parts of Europe canoeing refers to both canoeing and kayaking, with a canoe being called an Open canoe.
Horse Safari
Horse riding is a captivating experience for all and if it is done in India, it comes with incredible rewards & that is why India has become one of the hottest destinations for among the Horse Riders from all over the World.
Jeep Safari
Jeep safari at this time concentrates on fairs an festivals, thick green forest, temple and small town all round giving a wholesome experience to every visitor.
If we examine our life we will discover that most of our time and energy is devoted to mundane activities, such as seeking material and emotional security, enjoying sensory pleasures, or establishing a good reputation.
Mountain Expeditions
To me an exploit on a mountain is beautiful. It is an art form. We demonstrate in the most stunning way of all that there is no limit to the effort man can demand of himself. This quality is the basis of all human achievement in whatever field.
The hilly terrain of Uttarakhand provides plenty of opportunities for mountaineering, trekking and rock climbing. The easternmost hill district Pithoragarh, bordering Nepal and Tibet, often dubbed as ‘Miniature Kashmir’, is abundant in natural beauty,
White Water Rafting
Rafting is the most popular adventure sport in Uttarakhand. Swift-moving rivers offer a thrilling experience for white water rafters. These rivers flow through deep forests, rocky terrains, mountains and sometimes even along snowy slopes.
In today’s complicated world, where the senses are under constant assault from all spheres of life, peace of mind has become a much-valued prerequisite.

Uttarakhand - Beauty Unparalleled

The Uttarakhand experience might leave you stranded for words, when someone asks you to define the simple word ‘beauty’. Beauty is so inherent to almost all things Uttarakhand stands for – the magnanimous Himalayas, the holiest of the rivers, the spiritual mystery, stunning landscapes, the incessantly colorful play of nature, enchanting history carved in ancient stones, a mesmerizing floral and faunal plethora and the simplest of the people. Myths, anecdotes and stories are part of every visual that unfolds itself to the eyes of the beholder.

It was thus not a mere coincidence that Charles A. Sherring, the celebrated 19th century British anthropologist and surveyor noted down in his highly acclaimed work ‘Western Tibet and British Borderland’ - “In those lovely valleys there is still the romance and poetry of life: each tree has its god, each bush its spirit” – Mr. Sherring was describing a fair part of Uttarakhand.

It was also not another coincidence that after his first visit to Uttarakhand Mahatma Gandhi could not restrain himself from alluding the region as ‘the Switzerland of India’.

The age-old Hindu traditions have always accorded highest esteem to the glory of the colossal and composed heights of the Himalayas which are spontaneously assumed to be the chosen consecrated residences of Gods. A whole lot of the Hindu lore sets out from this ‘Land of the Gods’.

Pilgrimages to these heights dating back to more than 1500 years are found recorded in authentic documents and Uttarakhand still attracts millions of devout people who come here with the chaste objective of spiritual emancipation and revelation.

    Young at heart and always evergreen are the Sixteen Clusters enthralling us with their beauty representing the indomitable spirit of Mankind over time immemorial.

   Cluster Activities
    1 Badrinath Cluster Ayurveda, , Camping,Hiking, Mountain Expeditions,Religious, Skiing, Trekking , Wellness
    2 Chakrata Cluster Bird Watching, Camping , Hiking
    3 Chamoli Cluster Camping, Trekking
    4 Dehradun Ayurveda,  Camping, Religious, Wellness, Yoga
    5 DhanaultiMussoorie Cluster Camping, Hiking, Horse Safari, Trekking, Yoga
    6 Gangotri Cluster Camping, Hiking, Mountain Expeditions, Religious, Trekking
    7 Haridwar Cluster Angling and Fishing, Animal Sighting,  Ayurveda, Bird Watching, Canoeing, Religious, Wellness, White Water Rafting, Yoga
    8 Hemkund Sahib Camping, Mountain Expeditions, Trekking, Religious
    9 Karnprayag Cluster Hiking, Trekking, Religious, Yoga
    10 Kausani Cluster Camping, Mountain Expeditions, Hiking, Religious, Trekking,
    11 Kedarnath Cluster Hiking, Meditation, Mountain Expeditions, Religious, Trekking
    12 Lansdowne Cluster Hiking, Trekking, Religious, Yoga
    13 Rurdrprayag Cluster Camping,Hiking,Meditation, Religious, Trekking
    14 Tehri Cluster Canoeing, Hiking, Mountain Expeditions, Religious, Trekking, White Water Rafting
    15 Uttarkashi Cluster Camping, Hiking, Horse Safari,Mountain Expeditions, Trekking
    16 Yamonotri Cluster Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Religious


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