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      • Grand Tour of 18th Century UK

    The genesis of learning through travel can be traced back to the grand tours of Europe where the wealthy would travel to different locations to learn about cultures and systems in order to prepare themselves for leadership positions of future

    • Learning/Travel Continuum


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    Educational Travels


    @School Education:

    The geography of the state of uttarakhand is varied and covers a number of climatic zones.Students can come to state  to understand the genesis of rivers ganga and Yamuna.They could explore varrious caves and spend time at a rural village. Exploring the tribal culture is not to be missed.

    @ Higher Education:

    Biodiversity of the state provides excellent opportunity to the departments across colleges and universities to show in reality to the student community what is taught in the class. Specialized departments teaching subjects like botany, Geology, Geography would find Uttarakhand a home to home the skills and understanding of their students.

    @ Bringing Travel into Learning through

    •          Summer Break Travel Experiences for Educators
    •          Study Abroad Experiences
    •         Seminar Vacations
    •     Senior Seminars
    •     Skill Enhancement Vacations
    •          Educational Cruises

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    Maestro Exclusives - We bring you the offbeat exclusive destinations in lap of nature which are away from the crowd. You can rejuvenate yourself while enjoying the best of travel experiences with us.


    Pristine greens –These are our offbeat exploration places which are full nature. One of such places is ChaniChurani-  Traditionally CHANI word represent a small construction outside village for storage of crops, feeding animals and stay at for a while. This resort has six eco-friendly cottages attached English bath & toilet, one dining hall, kitchen, servant & store room. Come and experience this valley of white flowers with us !


     We are exclusive partner for ChaniChurani and organize regular tours there.

    - Valley of white flowers 

    - Ex Dehradun tours

    - Custom or fixed tours

    - Food and snacks

    - Weekend trip with one night stay 

    - Trekking and sunset point visit

    - Rural life excursion to Bisoi village





    Himalayan ranges are the highest in the world and are a paradise for Nature lovers. Uttrakhand is an Indian  stated nestled in the large arms of the range. This is an education cum fun trip being organised by professionals and academics for a period of ten to fifteen days. This trip leaves from Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India and returns there.

    Come explore with us us Nature, Culture and of course the beautiful Himalayan birds

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    Himalayan state Uttarakhand has lots to offer to geo students and scientists across the world. Maestro travel ventures organizes custom and fixed study tours for Indian and foreign students/scientists.


    Study tour features:

    -          Custom and fixed tours

    -          Excellent team with geo consultants

    -          Knowledge about UttarakhandHimalyan ecosystem

    -          Tours include food and stay

    -          Partnership with world class hotels and institutions

    -          Focus on learning while traveling











    Bisoi is a picturesque village in Chakrata block in Uttarakhand.It’s a small village which is famous for a wonderful wooden temple of MahasuDevta. Witnessing this temple and the rural life of the village is a unique experience on its own.


    Our tour features:

    - Ex Dehradun tours

    - Custom or fixed tours

    - Food and snacks

    - Weekend trip with one night stay 

    - Cultural exchange with rural people

    - Optional – Yoga/Meditation based on group

    - Rural life excursion to Bisoi village




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