Monthly Trips to himalayan region for geology, bird watching, learning and pleasure.

Welcome to Maestro Travel Ventures Private Limited

Maestro Travel Ventures Private Limited was born out of a need for bringing back learning in education. The concept of educational travel can be traced back to the Grand tour of the 18th century. The seminal work of Brent Ritchie in 2003 has been instrumental in bringing the focus back on purposeful learning while travelling.

Supported by academicians both from k12 And Higher Education establishments this startup recognized by Government of India, is beginning to add a new dimension to education travel with a strong focus on education first.

Learning Travel Continuum as devised by Richie revolves around the following three pivots.

  1. Tourism first – General Interest while Traveling
  2. Learning travel programs-Affiliated and Unaffiliated Group Travel
  3. Education first - purposeful learning and travelling

 And it is here Maestro Travels ventures is making a difference by taking active steps in bringing learning back into travel. 

Upcoming Trips


bird watching


Himalayan ranges are the highest in the world and are a paradise for Nature lovers. Uttrakhand is an Indian  stated nestled in the large arms of the range. This is an education cum fun trip being organised by professionals and academics for a period of ten to fifteen days. This trip leaves from Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India and returns there.

Come explore with us us Nature, Culture and of course the beautiful Himalayan birds

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The Founding Team


vinita nigam

Vinita Nigam a founder of Maestro travel ventures Private Limited is a graduate in English literature and has certifications in international trade and fashion technology. She has over 5 years of experience in services business and has avid interest in the travel business. She lives in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.


Ajit nigam

Dr. Ajit Nigam has over 22 years of corporate and academics experience. He brings a combination of business expertise and academic rigor to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem.





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